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How much coverage do I need???

At least 10x your annual income

10x your annual income AND shared major debts: Mortgage / Vehicles / Credit Cards

$250,000 to help offset the cost of long term child care, nannies, house keeping, and any loss of income due to time off grieving.

Term Insurance

Term stands for a term in the contract. You pick the number of years the coverage is guaranteed for and the premium ($ cost) along with death benefit amount will not change during the agreed upon time. Longer term periods selected will increase the premium for the coverage. If you live beyond the term period generally the coverage expires.

How Long of a Term

It’s wise to lock in term coverage to get you as close to age 60. A healthy amount is required during the years the kids are young and the bills are high. Age 60 the kids “should” be off the family payroll but may go for a victory lap or two in college and take 5-6 yrs to graduate . Also at that age your mortgage will likely be paid down of paid off.


Age 25- 35

30 Year Term

Age 35-45

20 Year Term

Types of Insurance

We recommend applying and starting with term life insurance. Once you are approved and covered you can choose to go through our 3 part master class to learn about building an asset with cash value in a life policy and understand the term conversion process. Simply put, think of it like real estate… let’s grab the plot of land first then we build.

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$500,000 – **$25.92/mo.

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Benaia Stowell Corpus Christi, TX

*Approval and rating are determined by an underwriting review where age, sex, amount applied for, health, and lifestyle factor in the decision

** Legal & General Opt Term 20 Male 38 yrs old Non smoker Super Preferred Rating

About Us

Ditching the suit and traditional ways of making sure families have a solid financial foundation of protection our founder, Luis Sanchez, took a chance to do things differently! Recognizing nobody wants to talk about kicking the bucket, hassle with an agent, and the fact that young families are BUSY birthed the idea of Mammoth Quotes! Life insurance doesn’t have to be stuck in the stone age! Simply… we make the approach engaging, the experience personalized, and most importantly we make it Easy!

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